SuiteRx has partnered with Advasur

Advasur provides a seamless Intelligent Track and Trace (iTNT) solution to insure your dispensaries are compliant with current and future mandates of the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA). Advasur is the only company to provide a comprehensive turnkey solution for dispensers.


Supplier Data Setup, Validation and Maintenance and Dispenser Client Data Setup, Validation and Maintenance for ATP Exchange as Required
12 Services and Growing, While Other Industry Service Providers Have Limited Capabilities and Provide Fewer Comprehensive Services
Customized DSCSA Compliance SOPs Created and Maintained Electronically with Each FDA Guidance Update
Compliance Data Reporting for ALL Federal and State Inspectors
Compliance Data Reporting for PBM Rx Claims, Historic ASN T3 Audits and New EPCIS T2 Audits


Comprehensive Solution for Advanced Shipping Notices (ASN/EPCIS) and Repository Services to Assist Dispensers to Stay Compliant

Advasur is the ONLY Service Provider That Ensures Your ASN/EPCIS Repository is Compliant with the OIG 2/2020 Report Requirements for Both Suppliers and Dispensers

A “flat rate” pricing model which includes:

Supplier Validation, Credential Confirmation, Set-Up and Onboarding

Consultative, Administrative, Operations and IT Support

DSCSA Compliance Pharmacy CE Training and Education

Customized DSCSA Compliance SOPs, URAC credentialing

Meet the November 2023 Requirements TODAY

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