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SuiteRx was developed by pharmacists for pharmacists to address the needs and challenges presented in the independent pharmacy market. Since 2008, it has been SuiteRx's mission to provide the most complete, fully integrated, intuitive and intelligent pharmacy business management software. Our SRx program enables independent and small chain LTC, Retail, and Combo pharmacies to use top and state of the art technology to better meet the needs of our customers and increase speed and accuracy in the pharmacy.

SRx: Pharmacy Management Software

Serving Different Independent Pharmacies in One Platform

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Our affordable, easy-to-use retail platform is designed specifically to streamline workflow allowing customers to focus on what is really important, patient care.

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Long Term Care (LTC)

A true Long Term Care Solution offering custom MARs, cycle fill options, batch billing & label printing capabilities as well as inventory and delivery management.

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Utilize custom cycle fill capabilities for the specific needs of each facility you service.

Ecosystem of Applications

SuiteRx offers additional pharmacy software applications to address the demands of your pharmacy. An ecosystem of applications designed to work seamlessly with SRx
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MyRx Application

Allows patients to refill prescriptions, look up drug information and communicate with your pharmacy from their mobile device. Read More>>



Provides communication tools, including EMAR capabilities and refill requests, between facilities, physicians and your pharmacy. Read More >>


SRxDelivery Application

Real time delivery information and signature capture.

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Online computer-based training program to help train new employees on the SRx software. Read More >>



SRxAPI is a powerful and robust RESTful JSON-based API that uses key-based authentication, HTTP response codes and verbs. Read More>>

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SRxAffinity places pharmacy information at your fingertips with easy-to-use tools to help you gain insight into your pharmacy operations that will improve efficiency and profitability. Read More>>



SRxGen is a utility that allows you to create and bill prescriptions en masse within SRx. These prescriptions can either follow normal workflow, or they can be billed automatically, depending on what settings are selected.

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Exceptional Support

Quick response times and a knowledgeable support staff are vital to your pharmacy's success, let us take care of you so you can take care of your patients.

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Client satisfaction is our outmost priority. We value each customer by providing exceptional products and services. What our clients say shows our commitment to this goal.


We think SuiteRx is the best pharmacy system on the market. The system allows us to cover all the bases in one package. Document management, online ordering, electronic and paper MARs, statements, electronic exchange of delivery information and unlimited reporting options are available at our fingertips. In addition, the system is so easy to use, it makes training so much easier than it was with our old system. SuiteRX has become the most valuable tool in our toolbox!


General Manager

I would like to say what a wonderful, supportive and professional team you have; anytime I call for a update or something I would like changed, I get a response within minutes and it is always done in a friendly and professional manner. They will work on it until it is perfect, most computer companies would take days or even months to change something but IPS is wonderful about working with their customers and making them happy right away. So THANK YOU and keep up the good work!!


Manager Medical Records

We have done 2 different software conversions with SuiteRx, one using the retail software and one with the LTC, at 2 different times. Both times we were impressed with SuiteRx’s responsiveness, attention to detail and their willingness to solve unique problems with unique solutions. They worked around our schedule, both early in the morning and late at night and provided additional training where we were weak .We are very happy with our choice of SuiteRx and highly recommend them.



SuiteRx allows you to manage your workflow, processing, and audits from one seamless system. Generating proof of compliance during an audit is quick and easy.


Pharmacy Director

Pharmacy software transitions are always hard and painful, but having a patient SuiteRx team that was willing to work with us made the process as simple and painless as possible. After researching other options, SuiteRx’s quick response to our questions and excellent customer service in the beginning proved to us that customer support, once the install was complete, would be excellent. We are happy we chose SuiteRx!



After a lengthy and extensive search, SuiteRx was the ONLY pharmacy software I could find that had all the features I wanted and would do everything that I needed it to do.


Owner/ PIC

After researching pharmacy software systems, I decided to switch from Foundation Systems, Inc. (FSI) to SuiteRx. Not only did I find SuiteRx to be the best value for the investment, but I found the software to offer the most flexibility in the industry. From the implementation/training team to the development team and up to the CEO, SuiteRx actively listens to their customers in order to stay on the cutting edge of innovation. Without hesitation, SuiteRx is the pharmacy software company I would highly recommend.



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    Want more? Join our mailing list!

    Stay up to date on SuiteRx updates, news, and promotions, by subscribing to our newsletter.