Work Flow Management

SuiteRx Intelligent Pharmacy Software (IPS) includes a state of the art workflow management system that was designed to offer independent pharmacies a more organized and efficient way to process prescriptions with 100% traceability. SuiteRx works directly with you and your current workflow process to customize our software to best fit your prescription intake, data entry, prescription processing, billing and checkout needs. With our built in document management and time stamped workflow, SuiteRx helps you eliminate potential dispensing and processing errors.

  • Intake

    Prescriptions come in via electronic fax, e-prescribing, web portal or traditional walk in prescriptions which are scanned into the system at check-in.

  • Data Entry

    Because of our document management system, data entry can occur from anywhere—employees working from a remote location can log into your system and help type prescriptions. For chain stores, this allows for a central data entry location.

  • Prescription Processing

    Fill and check your prescriptions with pill images and drug information from First Databank, and choose what check features work for your pharmacy—NDC verification, Pharmacist filling, etc. We are also able to interface with all major robot vendors.

  • Check Out/Delivery

    Check patients out through our SIGIS certified POS system with electronic signature capture, or through the Delivery Module which allows for hand or mail delivery with electronic signature.

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