At SuiteRx, we value each and every one of our customers and work our hardest to make sure that our software meets and exceeds all of their pharmacy needs. The following are just some of the positive things that our clients are saying about our Pharmacy Software.

SuiteRx allows you to manage your workflow, processing, and audits from one seamless system. Generating proof of compliance during an audit is quick and easy.

Tabitha Trenary,

Pharm.D., Pharmacy Director at St. John's Pharmacy

IPS has helped us stay in the loop with the most important people – our clients and the doctors. This communication is key.

Brian Beach,

IPS Client and Pharmacy Owner- Customer

It is very easy to instantly view financial and business aspects of patients, prescriptions and facilities with SuiteRx.

Dmitry Buktritsky,

Medpoint Pharmacy

Sales reports are real and true, no more overstated sales reports that don't match your A/R reports and account statements. IPS is designed for the business!


Pharmacy Owner and SuiteRx user in Idaho

We think SuiteRx is the best pharmacy system on the market. The system allows us to cover all the bases in one package. Document management, online ordering, electronic and paper MARs, statements, electronic exchange of delivery information and unlimited reporting options are available at our fingertips. In addition, the system is so easy to use, it makes training so much easier than it was with our old system. SuiteRX has become the most valuable tool in our toolbox!

Paul M. O'Leary,

General Manager, Parkview Health Services, LLC

I would like to say what a wonderful, supportive and professional team you have; anytime I call for a update or something I would like changed, I get a response within minutes and it is always done in a friendly and professional manner. They will work on it until it is perfect, most computer companies would take days or even months to change something but IPS is wonderful about working with there customers and making them happy right away. So THANK YOU and keep up the good work!!

Louise Wilcox,

Manager Medical Records, IntegriScript Pharmacy

SuiteRx has allowed us to grow in a competitive pharmacy market. Converting to SuiteRx has proven to be one of the best business decisions I have made.

Rob Leland,

PharmD, BCPP, 1st Avenue Pharmacy

After a lengthy and extensive search, SuiteRx was the ONLY pharmacy software I could find that had all the features I wanted and would do everything that I needed it to do.

Shara Hayes,

Owner/PIC, Mountain Care Pharmacy

Top notch customer service. Anytime, any day! I know I can get the help I need when I need it.

Scott Podolan,

RPh, Owner, The Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy

We have done 2 different software conversions with SuiteRx, one using the retail software and one with the LTC, at 2 different times. Both times we were impressed with SuiteRx's responsiveness, attention to detail and their willingness to solve unique problems with unique solutions. They worked around our schedule, both early in the morning and late at night and provided additional training where we were weak .We are very happy with our choice of SuiteRx and highly recommend them.

Jake Kocherhans,

Co-owner, Rx Innovations

Pharmacy software transitions are always hard and painful, but having a patient SuiteRx team that was willing to work with us made the process as simple and painless as possible. After researching other options, SuiteRx’s quick response to our questions and excellent customer service in the beginning proved to us that customer support, once the install was complete, would be excellent. We are happy we chose SuiteRx!

Martin Salas,

Pharm D., Co-owner, Best Buy Drugs

We have worked with SuiteRx now for over 2 years and have found the team to be extremely responsive to the needs of our company. If the software does not offer a feature that is important to our business model, SuiteRx works diligently to find a solution that fits our specific needs. Although we have found the customer service by phone helpful, we like the email support because we have a written trail of how the problem was solved. We would recommend Suiterx to others that require great pharmacy software with outstanding customer service and support!

Cristie Pellegrini,

RPh MHA, National Pharmacy Director, imgRx

As a pharmacy owner for 6 years, I initially reviewed 10 pharmacy software systems and narrowed the list to 3 that provided demos for me. I selected SuiteRx IPS for 3 reasons. The first reason was ease of use. Not only is the software easy to use, but it is very effective. With a point and a click, I know right away what is going on in my store. The second reason was the customer support and help desk. They are willing to help with issues that are not even software related. They go above and beyond the call of duty and are an incredibly strong asset for SuiteRx. Finally, the software is a one stop shop. There are many functions that come with the software, but the support and programming team are open minded to customize what needs to be done to make sure my operation is as smooth and profitable as possible. SuiteRx is a real partner for our pharmacy operation and not only would I select them again, I would highly recommend them to any other pharmacy manager or owner.

Snehal Patel RPh,

Owner and RPh, The Wellness Center Pharmacy and Surgical

After researching pharmacy software systems, I decided to switch from Foundation Systems, Inc. (FSI) to SuiteRx. Not only did I find SuiteRx to be the best value for the investment, but I found the software to offer the most flexibility in the industry. From the implementation/training team to the development team and up to the CEO, SuiteRx actively listens to their customers in order to stay on the cutting edge of innovation. Without hesitation, SuiteRx is the pharmacy software company I would highly recommend.

Bob Pituch,

Owner, Yorba Linda Pharmacy