Document Management

Document Management has become the cornerstone of an efficiently run pharmacy. With SuiteRx Intelligent Pharmacy Software (IPS), you will have instant access to all documents including prescriptions, refill approvals, prior authorization forms and signed patient forms, to name a few.

When fully utilized , SuiteRx IPS provides a level of protection from auditors by providing improved workflow efficiency. Whether prescriptions are received via IVR, the Web Portal, Patient Refill Application, Email, or E-prescribing, SuiteRx document management will digitally capture and funnel prescription images for easy filing. Each step of the workflow is recorded and timestamped from prescription fill to prescription delivery including electronic signature capture, leaving a complete audit trail for each prescription.

SuiteRx is able to offer its fully integrated document management system to pharmacies looking for a seamless application with a high degree of efficiency. Why pay extra for document management when you can have it built right into your pharmacy software?

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